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Web accessibility and navigation aid

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos’ website was designed to ensure accessibility to the largest possible number of people. As such, the website was subjected to an accessibility and user-friendliness overhaul performed by comAcesso, technical implementation by V-A Studio to enhance accessibility, as well as a lot of dedicated work by the Padrão’s content management team.

In order for keyboard-only users or visitors who use other forms of assistive technology to have an easier time navigating the website, the following paragraphs provide information on the website’s layout.


Website’s layout

At the top of each page, there is a link to skip to the main contents, which is toggled when the tab key is pressed – the Padrão’s logo with a link to the main page, and, on the left-hand side, the main menu itens, some of which contain submenus. The main menu is hidden in devices with smaller screens.

The main contents of the homepage are divided into different sections with highlighted events and the newsletter subscription link, which can be accessed using the quick navigation keys for headers made available in screen readers. Screen reader users have access to all events from each section, even if they aren’t being shown on-screen. Keyboard-only users may access other slides using the arrow-shaped buttons next to each section.

In each page’s footer there is a link to the top, a field to subscribe to the newsletter, as well as social network accounts, contact info, the Padrão’s opening hours and institutional information.


Page dedicated to the sculptural set

In this page, users may access a description of each of the figures present in the Padrão by pressing the return key in the link with the figure’s name. To close the description, please press the Escape key or Close button.


Standard shortcut keys

The following keys are standard in the majority of browsers.

Control + + (plus sign): zoom in;

Control + – (minus sign): zoom out;

Control + 0 (zero): original zoom;


Keyboard shortcuts for keyboard-only users

Keyboard-only users  can use the following shortcuts to access the various sections of each page.


Turn shortcut keys on

h : Open the accessibility menu;

m : set focus to the Padrão’s logo in the menu;

c : set focus to the category-selection box or the first selection-box in the page;

r : set focus to the social network accounts;

f : go to footer.


Inconsistencies in browsers or assistive technologies

Despite the programmers’ best efforts to ensure accessibility and website browsing consistency across all devices, browsers and assistive technologies, the behavior of screen readers depends on the combination of both browser and assistive technology.

Nevertheless, the website is accessible via desktop, through browsers with or without JavaScript support, NVDA and Jaws screen readers, as well as Android, iOS devices, and Talkback and Voiceover screen readers. It can also be read via Braille lines with integrated web browsers.