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 In the foreground image is a square of about 96 meters, where the Rosa-dos-Ventos, with about 50 meters in diameter, is embedded, and in the background the Monument to the Discoveries.

Informations to make your visit smoother


Padrão dos Descobrimentos is a historical building with specific characteristics that restrict physical accessibility.

We are working to ensure that everyone can visit us, without barriers.


How to get to Padrão dos Descobrimentos


Public transport:

Train – Belém Station

Streetcar – 15

Buses – 714 – 727 – 728 – 729 – 751

The underground passageway near Praça do Império Garden gives access to the riverfront.


Surrounding the Padrão there is a square (around 96 meters), with an embedded compass rose (around 50 meters in diameter). Beyond that square, the pavement varies and presents some obstacles.

If you need help identifying this route, contact us to prepare your visit: info@padraodosdescobrimentos.pt, phone number: 213031950.

Accessibility to the Monument

The entrance to the building is preceded by two flights of stairs. The first one, with nine steps, also gives access to the terraces. The following six steps lead to the ticket office. Inside, seven steps give access to the auditorium. These flights of stairs can be climbed with the help of a stair lift, meant for manual wheelchairs. If you require this type of assistance, please contact us in advance, so we can be ready to receive you on the day and time of your choosing.

To access the exhibition room, on the -1 floor, you can use the stairs or the lift, which can be accessed by wheelchairs.

The viewpoint is not accessible by wheelchair. The lift goes up to the 6th floor and then there is a narrow staircase with 42 steps that leads to the viewpoint. The wall that protects it is 1.30m high. There are periscopes available at the reception, which allow you to see beyond that height.

Specific materials for special needs people

Our website is accessible to screen readers and you can make the font size larger. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

For blind or visually impaired visitors we have materials in braille and tactile images available, with information about the monument or temporary exhibition. You can also schedule a visit with audiodescription to the monument or exhibition.

For deaf or hearing impaired visitors we provide visits to the monument or exhibition in Portuguese Sign Language, through previous booking.

For every exhibition, whether on display, future or kept in the archive, we provide reading materials and others tools.

Seats can be requested for the exhibition room.

We are working to improve our ability to meet the needs of visitors with disabilities.

Do you need more information to access the monument?

Contact us via the email info@padraodosdescobrimentos.pt or the phone number 213031950 and tell us your needs.