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The Monument in a Flash

01 - 30 September 2022



Monday and Wednesday – 6:30 PM

Tuesday and Thursday – 11:00 AM




€7 | €6 seniors | € 3,50 students

213 031 952/53 | se@padraodosdescobrimentos.pt


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About this event


The fresh waters of river Tagus, running from the heart of Portugal, pushed sailing boats to the unknown deep ocean at this meaningful harbor of Belém in search of the far Eastern lands of Asia.

While Europe was at war, Portugal, in commemoration of 800 years of Foundation (1940-1140) built at this memorable and historical place, a monument to celebrate Men and Nation who challenged the unknown.

Come and discover with us the secrets of the unknown and the splendid view of blue river waters in the same way navigators did from the top sails.

©Luís Pavão2018