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About Africa!

25 November 2018 - 21 April 2019
Sculpture with about 16 cm in ebony wood. A Mother carries the child on her back



English and Portuguese

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About this event

About Africa! is an exhibition-essay, a museological exercise where the focus is on Africa’s diversity rather than the Portuguese “view” of Africa.

The exhibited pieces were hand-picked by researchers in the fields of anthropology, the arts, geography, history and literature who, over the course of their work, have studied Africa and related themes, or who have made methodological, pedagogic or civic intervention proposals that are entwined with the theme of the exhibition.

The pieces and the words their curators have chosen to define them, form three distinct groups: Spaces and Powers, Conquest and Exploration, Symbols and Colours. These interpretative guidelines, sparking off many other explicative words, intersect each other in the exhibition space, allowing each visitor an opportunity for elaboration or correction, with the ultimate goal of recounting Africa.

The multiplicity of curators, pieces and words, built up the exhibition’s aim: to call attention to Africa’s diversity, its powers, social organizations, cultures, and values, laying bare some of the differences and originalities found throughout Africa’s vast territory.

About Africa! is curated by António Camões Gouveia (NOVA | CHAM) and relies on the participation and collaboration of several institutions, associations and researchers.

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