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Exhibition “Are you a tourist?”

29 June 2019 - 15 December 2019
 Screenshot of people who were interviewed for the exhibition



Everyday from 10am to 7pm (last entrance at 6.30pm)


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About this event

What is a tourist? Can we all be tourists? Is a tourist always a tourist? What was tourism like in the time of our grandparents? Can we be tourists in the cities we live in?

The exhibition we will soon be holding invites us to look at tourists and their activities, but also to migrants and locals, paying special attention to our daily or occasional encounters, showing that we all can learn from one another. For that, we need only to see each other as inhabitants from the same world, although we look at him through a different perspective and with different expectations.

Curator – Maria Cardeira da Silva (Nova/CRIA – Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia) e Marta Prista

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